Priyanka Cholera



Priyanka Cholera, an Associate Consultant at Vahura, seamlessly merges her legal background with a diverse skill set to facilitate Non-Executive Director (NED) mandates. Her role involves multifaceted responsibilities, including conducting strategic research, engaging with senior professionals, enhancing branding and visibility, as well as overseeing content creation initiatives

Prior to joining Vahura, Priyanka earned her law degree from Mumbai University. Her journey involved meaningful contributions to startups such as LawSikho, Your Legal Career Coach and Nbyula. Here, she engaged in marketing, community building, course creation, and project management, fostering a nuanced understanding of the legal landscape and demonstrating adaptability across various contexts. Notably, Priyanka was selected as the Top 200 creators for the LinkedIn Creator's Accelerator program cohort 2022.

Beyond her professional endeavours, she is passionately committed to advocating for mental health and creating safe spaces for vulnerability within communities.

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