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A specialist approach to finding the right legal leadership

Over the last decade, the role of an in-house legal team has transformed from being a mandatory requirement to becoming a key strategic function. As businesses go global, finding the right legal and governance capabilities has become even more important. At Vahura, we recognise the stakes involved and facilitate the executive search process to find the right person that drives organisation success and is aligned to its future. With the aim to minimise turnover, we leverage our wide and deep network of professionals nurtured over the years and conduct extensive research to find the right fit for your organisation and its goals.

We believe character and competence are key to legal leadership roles in an organisation.


  • 1800+ positions across legal, tax, compliance and policy closed within record time.
  • 70% of hires by investment funds for senior legal professionals.
  • 20% of hires by corporate legal departments for senior professionals.

The Vahura Advantage


As specialists in the legal domain, we bring our deep knowledge of the legal sector to the table. Our pioneering work in legal recruitment offers us an insider’s perspective on expectations, possible challenges and opportunities for organisations across the country. These nuances give us the edge to respond deftly and definitively to client requirements.

  1. Legal Talent and Consulting Specialists

    For over a decade, we have relentlessly focused on the legal, policy, tax and governance domain. Founded and managed by a team of lawyers and management professionals, we intentionally choose to be domain specific. This allows deep insight into the sector and access to a wide network of legal professionals and their aspirations.

  2. Pioneers in Legal Talent Search and Recruitment

    Vahura was started by a small group of legal professionals with a common vision — to advance and professionalise the legal sector in India. A decade later, we stand by our resolve, and innovate within the sector to achieve this vision.

  3. Partner-led, dedicated teams

    Every leadership search is headed by a partner, guaranteeing that our experts search for yours. Dedicated teams ensure alignment of goals and requirements for a match that is in it for the long term. We follow a consultative approach — looking for details beyond the brief, studying the ambition of the organisation — to recommend with confidence.

  4. Personal Connect

    The relationships we have nurtured since our inception in 2011 ensure that we know more top talent in the legal community and know them better than anyone else. Our recommendations are backed by the assurance that we know the person behind the professional. 

  5. Values-led, data-backed

    While we look for a match of values, our process includes comprehensive and continuous market research as well as robust talent mapping. This helps us track a candidate’s professional journey and their career growth patterns, allowing us to assess twice and recommend once. 

Our Consultants

  • sDSCF9898

    Karl Fernandes

    Karl is a Partner at Vahura and heads Executive Search and Legal Recruitment for corporate legal departments of enterprises and high-growth companies.

  • DSCF9920

    Lee Ignatius

    Lee is the Co-Founder and a Partner at Vahura. He heads the Private Practice and Funds Search Practice Group at Vahura.

  • DSCF1083

    Duiti Ramchandani

    As head of Client Solutions and Vahura's internal legal team, Duiti plays a key role in business development for Vahura's legal recruitment practices as well maintaining key client relationships.

  • Vora

    Shweta Sheth

    Shweta is a Vice-President at Vahura, where she plays a key role within Executive Search, Compliance and Legal Recruitment, and also heads the In-House Group Practice in Mumbai and Bangalore.

  • Rishabh 04

    Rishabh Chopra

    Rishabh is a lawyer and MBA who is passionate about the business side of professional services. Having led and built teams across the legal search spectrum, Rishabh is scaling Vahura’s offerings to the CFO community, with a special focus on tax and finance recruitment. Rishabh is also playing a lead role in developing the next set of offerings from Counselect.

  • DSCF1337

    Vani Jain

    A Managing Consultant with the In-house Practice Group, Vani focuses on recruiting for senior legal, compliance, corporate governance and public policy roles for enterprises and high-growth organizations.

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