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Our services were conceived and developed over the years to respond to the changing needs of the legal sector. Each pushes the sector towards greater professionalisation and efficiency, promoting systems and processes that are value-led and data-backed. 

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Our Clients

Over the years, we have been entrusted with mandates from leading law firms in India and abroad, private equity and venture capital funds, the Big Four, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our Consultants

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    Karl Fernandes

    Karl is a Partner at Vahura and heads Executive Search and Legal Recruitment for corporate legal departments of enterprises and high-growth companies.

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    Lee Ignatius

    Lee is the Co-Founder and a Partner at Vahura. He heads the Private Practice and Funds Search Practice Group at Vahura.

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    Shweta Sheth

    Shweta is a Vice-President at Vahura, where she plays a key role within Executive Search, Compliance and Legal Recruitment, and also heads the In-House Group Practice in Mumbai and Bangalore.

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    Aneesh Patnaik

    Aneesh’s litigation background and a decade of market-making experience, make him the go-to advisor for firms, chambers, and practitioners looking to scale or upgrade their disputes practices. Aneesh has also helped set up chambers and forge transnational alliances. A deal maker extraordinaire, Aneesh has led some of the largest practice mergers in recent Indian law firm history.

  • Suren

    Suren Sundaram

    Suren is a Vice-President with the Private Practice and Funds Group, where he focuses on legal recruitments at the partner level, practice acquisitions and firm mergers. He is also responsible for the recruitment of senior lawyers for private equity and venture capital funds.

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    Balanand Menon

    Bala is a solution architect, data analyst, and an MBA, who loves painting a picture using data. He leads a consulting practice that is at the cutting edge of legal market data, legal operating models, legal technology and innovation. Bala co-conceptualised and led the Vahura Best Law Firms to Work studies (2018 and 2022), and is a sought-after advisor on change management and innovation.

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For over a decade, clients have relied on Vahura for our rich expertise and our acute understanding of the trends that shape the future of the legal, governance, tax and compliance sectors. Whether you are an organisation seeking to strengthen your legal and tax teams or your strengthen your board, or you are a law-school seeking to conduct effective career-mentorship programmes, we are here to listen and we are here to help.

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