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Access Elite Multi-Jurisdiction Lawyers, Across the Global Financial Superhighway

There is a growing internationalisation of financial markets and deal dynamics. The rise of high-growth markets in the Middle East, India and South East Asia, has a direct bearing on work done in London, New York, the Bay Area or Frankfurt. Clients are best served when they have access to elite talent throughout the world. Top talent today includes lawyers who have elite local market and international deal experience and qualified in more than one jurisdiction. 

In today’s globalised financial markets, your success is directly correlated to your access to elite talent in each market, with international qualifications, and deal experience.

The Vahura Advantage

Vahura has over a decade of success in working with international law firms to recruit elite talent at the Partner and Associate levels in global financial centres. In addition to being the market leaders for legal recruitment in India, Vahura has a presence on the East Coast of the United States, and a network of consultants in Australia, Europe, the UK and UAE. This gives us access to top attorneys and lawyers, from these countries along with Singapore and Hong Kong.

At Vahura, we know what international law firm’s are looking for, and can advise on how best to identify and recruit elite local talent that is globally mobile.

  1. Leaders of legal, governance and compliance recruitment in India.
  2. A decade and more experience of roles in the USA, UK, UAE, Qatar, Singapore, Mayanmar, Thailand, Japan, Australia.
  3. Success record with Global Elite firms, Magic Circle, Silver Circle, AM Law 100 and other international law firms.  
  4. Global network of attorneys and lawyers, who are globally mobile.
  5. Consultative and research oriented approach.
  6. Partnerships with region and market-specific experts.
  7. Proven success in international attorney  placements agnostic of years of experience.
  8. Expertise across multiple legal and tax practice areas.

Key Geographies

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. UAE / Dubai
  6. Saudi Arabia
  7. Qatar
  8. Kuwait
  9. Thailand
  10. Myanmar
  11. Hong Kong
  12. Japan
  13. Singapore

Committed to delivering exceptional recruitment solutions

Our global experience encompasses not only the prestigious Global Elite, Magic Circle and AmLaw 100 firms but also extends to leading regional firms in the UAE and South East Asia, international Barrister Chambers and innovative UK law offices in Leeds established by former BigLaw partners. Our success in these mandates, highlights our capacity to navigate complex, cross-border talent needs with precision and professionalism.

Our services span a variety of practice areas, that include dispute resolution, corporate M&A , capital markets, investigations, finance, projects, anti-trust and tax. This success underscores our ability to tailor our strategies to meet the diverse needs of each client, ensuring they receive legal talent not only equipped with the required depth of international experience, but also with the versatility to excel in dynamic global markets.

Our Clientele

Our Team

  • DSCF9920

    Lee Ignatius

    Lee is the Co-Founder and a Partner at Vahura. He heads the Private Practice and Funds Search Practice Group at Vahura.

  • DSCF1422

    Nandini Ghosh

    Nandini is a Managing Consultant with the Private Practice and Funds Group, where she works closely with law firms and funds on mid to senior level positions in the USA and other jurisdictions

  • Suren

    Suren Sundaram

    Suren is a Vice-President with the Private Practice and Funds Group, where he focuses on legal recruitments at the partner level, practice acquisitions and firm mergers. He is also responsible for the recruitment of senior lawyers for private equity and venture capital funds.

  • DSCF9378

    Sneha Oommen

    As a Managing Consultant with the Private Practice and Funds Group, Sneha recruits for mid to senior-level positions for law firms and investment funds.

  • Rishabh 04

    Rishabh Chopra

    Rishabh is a lawyer and MBA who is passionate about the business side of professional services. Having led and built teams across the legal search spectrum, Rishabh is scaling Vahura’s offerings to the CFO community, with a special focus on tax and finance recruitment. Rishabh is also playing a lead role in developing the next set of offerings from Counselect.

  • DSCF0859

    Ritvik Lukose

    As the CEO and Co-Founder, Ritvik Lukose leads growth and strategy initiatives across all verticals at Vahura.

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