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We help organisations lead the Indian legal, tax, governance and compliance sectors into the future.

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New-Age Thinking for the Legal Sector

The last century saw the Indian legal, governance, tax and compliance sectors wrestle with a dated approach to recruitment and operations. Connections determined success and comfort with the old trumped acceptance of the new. 

The recent past has seen a concerted move towards professionalisation as firms and companies bring their people and processes into the 21st century. 

At Vahura, we are committed to leading and accelerating this transformation of the legal, governance, tax and compliance sectors.

Partners in Legal Excellence

We help firms and corporates move towards greater professionalism. We nurture future-focused leadership, shape policy to create more inclusive workplaces, and fill talent gaps.

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Our Services

  • We work closely with enterprises to help them identify and hire the right leadership for their corporate legal departments. Our search process frameworks place a specific emphasis on company culture and individual ambitions, along with a strong focus on compensation and benefits structuring to ensure our professionals are the best fit for our clients.

  • We bring deep understanding of the sector and the wide reach of our network to match clients with professionals that are right for them. We go beyond professional experience and competence to ensure cultural compatibility, resulting in long-term hires that grow with their organisation.

  • Our Tax Recruitment practice delivers specialist search solutions for permanent tax roles to corporate houses across sectors, funds, law firms and accounting firms in India.

  • Vahura's Compliance Recruitment practice delivers specialist search solutions for full-time compliance roles to enterprises and growth stage organizations across sectors in India

  • Our Consulting Group channelises insight and expertise into Indian legal market intelligence. We help law firms and corporate legal departments within enterprises, high-growth organisations and funds, on strategic transformations and to develop an acute understanding of the Indian legal industry.

  • At Vahura On:Board, we facilitate the appointment of independent directors and offer consulting solutions on board development.

  • Counselect, the secondment services offering by Vahura, helps enterprises and high-growth organisations identify and hire the right legal professionals to act as in-house legal resources for specific short-term projects.

  • Our Mentorship Services and Navigator teams work closely with law-schools and law-students to conduct workshops and create resources that guide students as they embark on their careers.

A Bold Vision for the Legal Sector

At Vahura, we are driven by the belief that the legal, governance, tax and compliance professions in India can, and should be, better.

That efficiency and equity should be built into the system.

That merit and individuals matter.

And that meritorious individuals matter even more.

As lawyers, tax professionals, HR experts, and management and finance professionals, we work closely with stakeholders across the legal industry.

We are partners, advisors, and recruiters.

We work with bold conviction and quiet restraint.

And we are redefining the industry one lawyer, one firm, and one organisation at a time.



  • 70% of hires by investment funds for senior legal professionals.
  • 30% of hires by law firms for mid-level to senior legal professionals.
  • 20% of hires by corporate legal departments for mid-level to senior legal professionals.

Our Clients

Over the years, we have been entrusted with mandates from leading law firms in India and abroad, private equity and venture capital funds, the Big Four, and Fortune 500 companies. A few of our select clients are:

Meet our Team

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    Ritvik Lukose

    As the CEO and Co-Founder, Ritvik Lukose leads growth and strategy initiatives across all verticals at Vahura.

  • DSCF9920

    Lee Ignatius

    Lee is the Co-Founder and a Partner at Vahura. He heads the Private Practice and Funds Search Practice Group at Vahura.

  • sDSCF9898

    Karl Fernandes

    Karl is a Partner at Vahura and heads Executive Search and Legal Recruitment for corporate legal departments of enterprises and high-growth companies.

  • DSCF9844

    Shweta Rao

    Shweta heads Vahura On:Board, our board search and consulting practice, where she focuses on the strategy & governance requirements of the boards of Indian companies.

  • DSCF9434

    Aneesh Patnaik

    Aneesh’s litigation background and a decade of market-making experience, make him the go-to advisor for firms, chambers, and practitioners looking to scale or upgrade their disputes practices. Aneesh has also helped set up chambers and forge transnational alliances. A deal maker extraordinaire, Aneesh has led some of the largest practice mergers in recent Indian law firm history.

  • Vora

    Shweta Sheth

    Shweta is a Vice-President at Vahura, where she plays a key role within Executive Search, Compliance and Legal Recruitment, and also heads the In-House Group Practice in Mumbai and Bangalore.

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Whether it's strategic recruitment and consulting for law firms and corporate legal and tax departments, or assisting professionals looking to step into the next stage of their career, we pride ourselves on being able to strategically partner with you, every step of the way.

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