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Furthering the Legal Profession, One Initiative at a Time

Our initiatives are a response to the changing landscape of the legal sector in India. They address the current trends in recruitment and management of legal talent while also preparing for an evolving tomorrow. 

Our initiatives combine people and technology to introduce greater equitability, efficiency, and excellence and lead us to Legal 3.0. 

Vahura Best Law Firms to Work, 2022

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The Vahura Best Law Firms to Work, 2022, is an initiative to put together the definitive guide on the best law firms to work for in India, with direct insights by law firm professionals across the country.

Enterprise Leaders Circle


The Enterprise Leaders Circle (ELC) is a joint initiative by Vahura and Agami, that brings together industry leaders and experienced professionals to explore and learn about the latest in technology and innovation in the legal sector. We also curate and moderate bespoke ELC Roundtable Sessions on the request of clients. 

Legal Tech Tracker


The Legal Tech Tracker is an initiative to provide an open listing of all legal tech solutions in Indian market for everyone who needs them, and enables users to discover products, services as well as insights on how to best make use of legal tech to transform their workflows. 



ReLawnch helps women legal professionals reenter the workforce after a sabbatical. In addition to mentorship and career guidance, we connect women professionals with opportunities that are right for them. We also help influence and implement policies and practices that help companies become more inclusive.  

Covid-19 Helpline

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Through the Covid-19 Helpline, we seek to help legal professionals who have been impacted by the pandemic. We offer career advice, guidance on resume building, and foreground candidates we think are a good fit for open client mandates.

Our Team

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    Balanand Menon

    Bala is a solution architect, data analyst, and MBA, who loves painting a picture using data. He leads a consulting practice that is at the cutting edge of legal market data, legal operating models, legal technology and innovation. Bala co-conceptualised and led the Vahura Best Law Firms to Work studies (2018 and 2022), and is a sought-after advisor on change management and innovation.

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    Zarah Eapen

    Zarah is a Managing Consultant in the Consulting Group, where she focuses on leveraging Research and Data Analytics to develop market intelligence reports and assess trends in the legal landscape.

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    Nimisha S. Dutta

    Nimisha heads Vahura's ReLawnch initiative, where she drives strategy and outreach for the vertical with the vision to put ReLawnch on the D&I map of India.

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