It is always Day 1 at Vahura


Vahura is home to lawyers, HR experts, management and finance professionals — all brought together by the common desire to quietly and radically change the legal industry in India.

Life at Vahura

Our work sets the stage for the legal sector to grow into a professional, meritocratic industry. We approach every client and every task with the relentless enthusiasm of a fresher but with the knowledge and skills of a seasoned expert.  

Because at Vahura, our work is not just about meeting mandates and achieving goals. 

It is about nurturing relationships and fostering excellence. 

We are always on the lookout for bright and talented minds who resonate with our mission. 

Join us and help groundbreaking work happen, everyday. 

Our Culture

Our culture is an integral part of our vision to become the most transformative organisation in the legal industry, and is designed to allow each of us to work towards achieving this vision with passion, rigour, and joy.

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Working at Vahura is a truly unique experience, the culture that has been created is something rare where you are given ownership of your work and encouraged to grow yourself not only as a professional but also as a person. The dynamic nature of the organization is probably my most favourite attribute, every year the team is looking to reinvent and align our work not just with the industry, but also with their employees. The learnings and relationships that I've built here are what set this job apart and I've enjoyed every moment of it!

I am in complete awe. Working at an organisation that has true appreciation towards its people and their ideas and is an experience which I continue to cherish everyday. Each and everyone at Vahura is inspiring, innovative and disruptive. I hope to continue to learn from the best people and pass on the 'Vahura Experience' to all the clients I work with.

I've personally always seen Vahura as journey, a movement where one can charter your own path, reinvent yourself, collaborate with high calibre teams and colleagues, fell giants, constantly set new standards, have people operate at their best, where innovation anmd ideas are consistently brought to life - and the satisfaction of living through this journey onwards, always!

What makes Vahura unique is its people. The environment is such that the individual personalities are equally celebrated as the professional successes. It is fulfilling to be a part of such an organisation.

Vahura has a great work culture and perfect work-life balance. I have been with the organization for 13 years now and I have been given many opportunities to grow and evolve as a professional. There is a true sense of belonging, respect and involvement among all the employees at Vahura.

Roles we are hiring for

We are always on the lookout for bright and talented individuals with the right mind set and a hunger to be part of our purpose-driven organization. If you feel you would be a good fit on our journey as pioneers in the legal industry, please click on the role that interests you:

Full-Time Positions

Part Time Positions

Who we work with

Some of the clients that we work with are:

Meet our Team

  • DSCF1376

    Aishwarya Singh

    A Consultant with the Litigation and Law Firm Group at Vahura, Aishwarya recruits lawyers from the Associate to the Senior Associate level for the dispute teams at Law Firms.

  • DSCF9850

    Jennica Bellani

    As a Senior Consultant from the In-House Practice Group within Legal Recruitment, Jennica is responsible for recruiting junior to mid-level candidates for corporate legal departments.

  • DSCF0954

    Michael Ronald

    Michael is a Managing Consultant with Counselect where he plays a key role in developing secondment and flexi-work solutions for corporate legal departments of enterprises and high-growth companies.

  • Website Profile Pic 2

    Prajoy Dutta

    Prajoy is a Consultant with Consulting Group, where he works with leadership teams in corporate legal departments, investment funds and law firms, on a wide range of strategic and legal market intelligence engagements.

  • DSCF9917

    Shefali Tanna

    Shefali works as a Research Consultant with Vahura, gathering and assessing market trends around the compliance and governance landscape.

  • NDS 6713

    Payal Baske

    Payal works as a Consultant with Vahura OnBoard, where she assists in the recruitment of Non-Executive Directors to the boards of enterprises and high-growth companies.

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