#OnceALawyer Series

Vahura's #OnceALawyer episodes feature a number of professionals who have once either studied or practiced law before opting to pursue their personal aspirations in other fields.

There are folks who took the plunge, choosing to venture into the unknown towards a career they have previously neither studied for, nor worked in, driven purely by the calling of their passions.

Our Latest Episode

Season 2: Episode 2

Aditi Ramesh | Musician

Aditi Ramesh is a graduate of the prestigious NALSAR University and worked with corporate law firms such as AZB & Partners. Today, with two EP albums Autocorrect (2017) and Leftovers (2019), Aditi is a part of several bands, including Ladies Compartment and has performed at several prominent gigs abroad and in India, and been a part of pulsating music fests such as Mood Indigo at IIT-Bombay and NH7 Weekender, Pune.

#OnceALawyer - Season 1

What do commercial aviation, sports anchoring, social innovation and culinary arts have in common?

These, in addition to countless others, are all fields that have pioneers who were once lawyers who found their calling outside of the law, and chose to tread down that path.

Hear from them, as they share their inspiring stories of pursuing diverse careers, all united by a common thread. They were all #OnceALawyer.

Episode 10: Raghav Patnaik | Dumela

Raghav completed his law from NLSIU, Bangalore, in 2006, and began his career as a Legal Advisor with Globosport. For the past fifteen years, he has been working extensively across diverse roles in the field of sports and has been involved in brand advisory, marketing management, legal consulting, licensing and merchandising, and sponsorship management to name a few.

In 2018, Raghav launched Dumela which is India's leading Sports Apparel and Merchandise Brand specialising in Custom Team wear and accessories.

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