Vahura launches the 2nd edition of the Best Law Firms to Work Survey

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Vahura is  excited to announce the launch of the 2nd edition of the Best Law Firms to Work Survey (BLF). As with the 1st edition of the Survey in 2018, the 2nd edition of the Survey focuses on creating a platform to allow Indian law firm professionals a chance to be heard on the gaps in the system, the challenges they face, what firms are doing well and their vision on the future of work.  


The effects of the pandemic have compelled law firms globally to rework their cultures and policies to redefine the future of work. In India, we have observed a number of law firms that have taken some positive steps in this regard by implementing policies on  mental health of their professionals, as well as transitioning to hybrid workplace models. However, our conversations with law firm professionals indicate that there continue to remain gaps that need to be addressed to create workplace cultures that are more sustainable, and people friendly. With the BLF, our hope is to create opportunities for law firm professionals to voice their insights on what law firms are doing right, and what they could do better.” says Ritvik Lukose, Vahura’s Co-Founder and CEO


As with the inaugural edition of the BLF in 2018, we survey such insights through a comprehensive and strictly confidential questionnaire that allows professionals to rate their firms on the following indicators: Culture, Prestige, Satisfaction, Rewards, Work-Life Balance and Firm Leadership.  


The 2022 survey will also have a particular focus on how law firms across the country have chosen to prioritise the mental health of their professionals, particularly in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, in an effort to recognize the law firms that do this well. With this, the BLF establishes itself as the definitive guide to the best law firms to work for in India” says Balanand Menon, Head of Consulting at Vahura


Given the sensitivity of the questions that the survey poses, all responses will be completely anonymous and cannot be traced back individually to participants. Vahura has also partnered with Stakeholder Empowerment Services, a leading proxy advisory firm, who shall independently audit the results of the survey prior to them being published by Vahura. 


To learn more about the Survey, please click here or access the Survey directly.


For more information, please feel free to reach out to the press contacts mentioned herein. 

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