ELC spearheads Focused Workshops for Corporate Legal Leaders along with Samta.law

Vahura along with Counselect, is proud to announce its involvement in the upcoming ELC Workshops on Artificial Intelligence & Corporate Legal Departments. These enlightening sessions, to be held in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai, underscore our dedication to leading the conversation around the transformative impact of AI on the legal ecosystem.

The Enterprise Leaders Circle (ELC), a distinguished forum for innovation leaders and heads of legal functions is a Vahura and Counselect initiative along with Agami. ELC Workshop is set to unravel the nuances of how Generative AI is shaping the legal profession. Participants will gain invaluable insights into AI's potentialities, learn to evaluate its outputs and chart a strategic AI implementation roadmap.

Attendees are assured a blend of experiential learning, hands-on engagements, and open dialogues.

Join us in exploring the next frontier in Artificial Intelligence & Corporate Legal Departments. Let's co-create the future of legal innovation, together.

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