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Embrace the Future of Legal Departments

Step into the world of Vahura Consulting, where we are redefining the horizons of legal departments. We champion the shift from traditional reactive crisis handling to proactive management – welcome to the epoch of Legal 3.0. Our progressive approach carves the path for your legal department's evolution, enabling you to be a catalyst for your organization's growth and a trailblazer in strategic advancements.

Our Unique Value: Charting a Course towards Success

At Vahura Consulting, we understand that the journey towards a fully aligned, advanced, proactive, and digitally-enabled legal department is as thrilling as it is vital. Our transformative services guide you through this evolution, helping your legal team navigate the intricate landscapes of today's business environment. Let's delve into each service and explore their metaphoric connections, enabling you to visualize their impact better and how we deliver more than possible.

Here is how we can help you.

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Undertake Purpose-Driven Transformation

Guiding a business with a misaligned legal department can feel like rowing upstream. Our Legal 3.0 framework is your compass, unifying purpose, values, and behaviours.

Our consultants serve as your experienced crew, wielding transformative techniques to navigate your legal department. We customize our approach, aligning your aspirations with efficient business services.

With Legal 3.0, sail smoothly towards your objectives.

Purpose Pursuit: Setting Sail on a Shared Voyage

A business can face multiple challenges when the legal department is not aligned with its larger goals. Our purpose pursuit workshop has been built to promote the intersection of purpose, behaviour, values and principles for a shared objective. Consider our two-day workshop as your compass, guiding your team towards your true North Star. Just as a compass provides direction, our workshop sparks alignment and inspiration within your team. We foster collective purpose, igniting a shared vision that drives your legal department to take charge and steer the organization towards success. We don't just discuss change at Vahura; we cultivate it, cultivating strategic partnerships and conscious behaviours.

Sounding Board: Harmonizing Leadership Strategies

Imagine your legal department as an orchestra, playing in perfect harmony with your organization's leadership. Our Sounding Board service serves as the conductor, facilitating constructive dialogue and guiding your leadership and talent strategies. We believe that a leader must be able to fundamentally create experiences and structures which help the team experience its desired culture. To achieve that purpose, a General Counsel needs to be an expert at playing multiple roles in creating a symphony. With our expertise, we assist in enhancing the visibility of legal departments and build strategies around better recognition of talent. We aim to ensure that every instrument of your orchestra plays its part to create a seamless composition of success.

Playbook Precision: Cultivating Contracts and Crafting Negotiation Strategies for Your Legal Ecosystem

Picture us as the master gardener of your legal department's intricate contract ecosystem. Just as a skilled gardener prunes and cultivates a thriving garden, we shape your contract metadata and craft powerful negotiation tactics for your key agreements. The purpose is to ease your contracting process so that your legal department can focus more on value creation than routine template contracts.

Our approach involves auditing your legal data management and negotiation approaches while helping you embrace growing technological revolutions such as Artificial Intelligence. Our playbook services can save time and cost dramatically through fine-tuned templatization that further charts the path in innovative contract management and negotiation strategies.


Unleash Operational Efficiency

Picture your legal department as a high-performance vehicle. To win the race, you need a well-oiled machine, tuned to perfection. Consider us your expert pit crew.

We conduct comprehensive audits, inspecting every cog in your operations, ensuring each gear meshes seamlessly with the next. From revamping processes to selecting the ideal tech tools, we fine-tune your machine for peak performance.

Go from a rough ride to a smooth journey.

Tech Audit: Fine-tuning Your Digital Capabilities

Just as a ship needs a robust hull and an efficient engine, your legal department requires a strong tech infrastructure to navigate the digital age. Our Tech Audit inspects your current tech capabilities, offering assessments and improvements tailored to your needs. We ensure that your digital foundation is solid, empowering your team to leverage technology effectively in support of your legal operations.

Tech Select: Navigating the Legal Tech Labyrinth

In the vast ocean of legal tech options, it can be challenging to find the right system that aligns with your needs. Let our experts be your navigators. Through our Tech Select service, we accompany you on the journey, helping you pinpoint the legal tech system that best suits your requirements. We guide you through the labyrinth, ensuring optimal utility and maximizing the value derived from your chosen legal tech solutions.

  • Self-Service Tools for Business
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Litigation Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Compliance Management
  • Board Management

Legal Operations Team: The Pit Crew for Your Legal Department

Think of your legal department as a race car, poised for success. Our Legal Operations Team acts as your pit crew, working under our 'Build-Operate-Transfer' (BOT) model. We set up your team, run it to exhibit its full potential, and eventually transfer control to you. Over a decade of working with legal departments, we have realized that businesses at different growth stages have unique needs in structuring their legal operations. We bring our over a decade of expertise in innovative staffing models, selecting appropriate technologies, creating standard operating procedures, training legal operations staff, internal legal teams, and business teams. Just as a skilled pit crew enhances a race car's performance, our experts optimize all parts of your legal operations, enabling you to operate at peak efficiency.


Secure an Insightful Edge

Imagine piloting a ship through uncharted waters. That's where our Strategic Consulting comes in, your compass for legal practice navigation.

At Vahura Consulting, we provide decade-strong expertise in talent strategy, compensation metrics, and market benchmarking. We turn complex data into comprehensible insights, enabling your in-house legal team to meet market expectations with confidence.

Sail smoothly with us, informed by competitor insights and established best practices.

Law Scape: Navigating the Talent Terrain

The legal talent landscape can be a vast and challenging terrain to navigate. Our Law Scape service provides valuable insights into India's legal talent landscape, helping you make informed hiring decisions. Just as a skilled guide assists travellers on a treacherous journey, our expertise equips you with the knowledge you need to find the right legal talent for your team.

Scalesetting: Mapping the Path to Success

Every ship needs a navigational map to reach its destination. Our Scalesetting service equips you with customized Benchmarking Reports, detailing compensation systems, role clarity, competency levels, and tech adoption. It's a roadmap for your legal department to align with business goals and industry standards, ensuring that you set sail on a course towards success.

With extensive demands on a legal department to play a forward role in a business, our services are designed to bring visibility and empowerment.   If you are an in-house leader looking to bring strategic changes in your team contact us today to learn more about how we can empower your legal department to evolve and become a strategic partner in your organization's success. Together, let's chart new territories and navigate the path to success and who knows, maybe we can together usher in the era of Legal 3.0

Our Consultants

  • DSCF9390

    Balanand Menon

    Bala is a solution architect, data analyst, and an MBA, who loves painting a picture using data. He leads a consulting practice that is at the cutting edge of legal market data, legal operating models, legal technology and innovation. Bala co-conceptualised and led the Vahura Best Law Firms to Work studies (2018 and 2022), and is a sought-after advisor on change management and innovation.

  • DSCF1481

    Arun Chauhan

    As a part of Vahura Consulting, Arun specialises in providing strategic advisory services for the in-house legal departments. With a focus on simplifying processes and improving operational efficiency, Arun helps transform legal teams into goal-oriented units.

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Whether its legal market intelligence reports that drive strategic decisions or large-scale projects to tranform talent and operations strategy; partners and general counsels have consistently relied on Vahura as a strategic sounding board when it comes to making the decisions that matter. Connect with us to learn more about how our insights and expertise could help inform your organisation's perspective, as you make the decisions that shape its future.

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