Ajay Chalke



Ajay is an associate in the Finance & Account Department at Vahura. His days are filled with accounting and compliance responsibilities. He also pursues avenues for improving processes and enhancing innovation

Ajay's journey into the corporate world began in 2015 when he joined Vahura, but his roots trace back to 2011 when he graduated from Nirmal College of Commerce and Science. Before landing at Vahura, he honed his skills at Lotus Developer and Sharnam Tax India Pvt Ltd, taking on administrative roles.

When he's not crunching numbers or filing reports, he's out exploring. Travelling is his passion, and he seizes every opportunity to discover new places and cultures. And when he's not on the move, you'll find him on the cricket pitch, enjoying the thrill of the game. But even amidst the excitement, Ajay finds solace in music.

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