Harinath Prajapati

Senior Manager

Harinath Prasad

As a Senior Manager in the Finance & Accounts Department, Harinath collaborates with internal departments to deliver a smooth working experience with Vahura. He also ensures that accurate records of Vahura's finances are maintained. Harinath is always on top of all the recent developments and circulars concerning law, taxes, and compliances. He keeps an eye on the industry trends & practices and updates processes to make them faster and more efficient.

Before joining Vahura in 2011, Harinath worked at Intercontinental (Formally Known as Graviss Hospitality Ltd) as an Accounts Executive. Harinath earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 2012 from EIIL University, Sikkim 

When not at work, Harinath loves to travel and listen to music in his free time.

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