Soumajit Mukherjee



Soumajit, a key member of our Consulting team, collaborates with leadership teams in law firms and investment funds, specializing in strategic and operational efficiency engagements. His expertise spans the transformation of legal service delivery, operating models, and compensation and benefits restructuring. Soumajit's strategic market research studies on legal talent and operations showcase a balanced qualitative and quantitatively-driven approach.

Before joining Vahura, Soumajit honed his legal skills at Calcutta High Court, representing clients in diverse civil and criminal law proceedings. His journey includes a stint as an educator at Kindle Classes, where he prepared law aspirants for entrance examinations. Seeking to diversify, Soumajit pursued an MBA at NMIMS, Mumbai.

Beyond the professional realm, Soumajit is a man of varied interests and hobbies. A true music enthusiast, he finds solace in classics spanning the 60s to the present day. His cinematic tastes lean towards the enigmatic allure of crime thrillers and neo-noir masterpieces in global cinema. As an avid traveler and landscape enthusiast, Soumajit delights in capturing the mesmerizing beauty of the places he visits.

Delving into pop culture, Soumajit proudly wears the badge of a comic geek and identifies as a devoted DC fan. Unapologetically embracing his love for gastronomy, he humorously admits that a well-prepared Kosha Mangsho (Bengali Mutton Curry) could tempt him to part with his soul.

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