Suchita Gawande



Suchita Gawande, a dedicated Finance Associate with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance. At Counselect, she plays a pivotal role in managing Accounts Receivables. Her responsibilities include meticulously reviewing account information, rectifying discrepancies, and ensuring accurate billing and timely collection of payments.

In her role, she handles diverse aspects of financial operations, with a focus on client invoicing and related processes using Zoho. This involves implementing efficient systems to streamline billing procedures and enhance overall financial management.

She takes pride in spearheading the initiation of client invoicing and related processes through Zoho, contributing to enhanced efficiency and transparency in our financial workflows. She believes in the power of a proactive mindset to overcome challenges and deliver results consistently. 

She is passionate about embracing innovation to enhance process efficiency. Continuously seeking ways to innovate and improve existing processes. Beyond the finance realm, her interests extend to exploring new culinary adventures.

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