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Since its inception in 2011, Vahura has established itself as the leading legal recruitment and consulting firm in India. Our work has won us the trust of founders and leadership teams across organisations and sectors. We have a strong understanding of the changing legal sector, the challenges companies face, and the inspiring path ahead.

Our bespoke legal market intelligence solutions are the definitive guide towards understanding India's legal sector.

Law firms and corporate legal departments routinely rely on the unparalleled market intelligence in our market studies and benchmarking reports, that guide them in their strategic business decisions regarding their talent, operations and growth.

We are trusted strategic advisors to law firms, corporate legal departments and high-growth organisations, as they seek to make the decisions that define their talent and operations strategy.

Our legal business strategy practice combines our expertise in talent, operations and strategy, along with our acute understanding of the trends that shape the future of the legal industry. This allows us to develop bespoke strategic solutions that are future-facing and scalable, while being rooted in the current realities of the industry.

What We Do

Legal Market Intelligence
  • Market Landscape Studies

  • Compensation and Benefits Benchmarking Reports

  • Talent Analysis Reports

  • Competitive Benchmarking Reports

  • Legal Impact Surveys

Legal Business Strategy
  • Legal Technology Consulting

  • Compensation and Benefits Restructuring and Strategy

  • Talent Management and Retention Strategy

  • Legal Operating Models Strategy

  • Law Firm Succession Planning

  • Centre of Excellence Strategy and Implementation Support

  • Private Practice Mergers and Acquisitions

The Vahura Advantage

  • Human-centric solutions

    Our consulting solutions pivot around the fact that the legal industry is largely a practitioner-driven industry. While our solutions are systems, process and technology driven, we prefer placing the practitioner at the core of our perspective to ensure that our solutions are optimized to truly help law firms and corporate legal departments.

  • That are qualitatively-led and quantitatively-driven

    The toughest business challenges may not always be the most apparent. The strategic business decisions that partners and general counsels need to make, may not always be the most evident. We recognize this and ensure that our diagnosis of strategic challenges and the development of our solutions are qualitatively-led through focused conversations and quantitatively-driven through data analytics.

  • Consistently bespoke

    Our consulting solutions are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by our clients. We prioritize a consultative approach over a generalized approach, focusing on truly understanding the needs of our clients at a fundamental level to allow us to develop solutions from a first-principles approach.

  • And future-focused

    Through our deep expertise in the Indian legal industry, our strategic partnerships, and initiatives such as the Enterprise Leaders Circle and the Legal Tech Tracker, we possess the ability to develop solutions and provide insights that are rooted in the current realities of the legal industry but are also informed through the perspective of the trends that shape its future.

Our Clients

Our services address the needs of law firms, enterprise corporate legal departments and growth stage organisations. Some of our clients are:

Our Partners

Our network of partners allows us to implement a multi-jurisdictional approach to our work.

We partner with the following orgnanisations to leverage our strengths and deliver high-quality, high-impact solutions for our clients.

  1. Lexington Consultants

  2. Leverage

  3. Leah Cooper Consulting

  4. LEx360

  5. Cracker & Rush

Our Consultants

  • DSCF9390

    Balanand Menon

    Bala is a solution architect, data analyst, and an MBA, who loves painting a picture using data. He leads a consulting practice that is at the cutting edge of legal market data, legal operating models, legal technology and innovation. Bala co-conceptualised and led the Vahura Best Law Firms to Work studies (2018 and 2022), and is a sought-after advisor on change management and innovation.

  • DSCF0859

    Ritvik Lukose

    As the CEO and Co-Founder, Ritvik Lukose leads growth and strategy initiatives across all verticals at Vahura.

  • DSCF1481

    Arun Chauhan

    As a part of Vahura Consulting, Arun specialises in providing strategic advisory services for the in-house legal departments. With a focus on simplifying processes and improving operational efficiency, Arun helps transform legal teams into goal-oriented units.

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How can we help?

Whether its legal market intelligence reports that drive strategic decisions or large-scale projects to tranform talent and operations strategy; partners and general counsels have consistently relied on Vahura as a strategic sounding board when it comes to making the decisions that matter. Connect with us to learn more about how our insights and expertise could help inform your organisation's perspective, as you make the decisions that shape its future.

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