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About the Masterclass

In the rapidly transforming legal landscape, the differentiation between a thriving practice and a declining one lies in the ability to innovate, strategize, and internationalise. The Law Firm Masterclass, hosted by the internationally acclaimed Stephen Revell and Moray McLaren, is a high-caliber workshop designed for law firm partners committed to ensuring their firm is “Fit for the Future”.

Set in the vibrant city of Mumbai, this masterclass will provide you with the tools, insights, and strategies needed to enhance your firm's growth, optimize partner performance, and effectively navigate the impending internationalisation of the Indian legal market.

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This masterclass is brought to you by Lexington Consultants, renowned for its strategic acumen in guiding law firms toward transformative growth and global scaling. Lexington's profound insights into the global legal framework, combined with forward-thinking strategies, make it an essential partner in this journey.

Vahura, a leading governance talent search and strategic consulting firm, joins Lexington in empowering this masterclass. With Vahura's expertise in marrying talent with strategic vision, law firms are equipped to realize their potential in an evolving marketplace. Together, Lexington Consultants and Vahura provide the foundation, insights, and networks essential for steering your firm toward a thriving global future.

Key Discussion areas

In addition to discussing a variety of global trends the masterclass will focus on three key areas:

Strategies for Business Development

Rethink your approach to BD and marketing – its about client relationships. Learn how to get partners focused on client relationship building through a better understanding of the benefits – more work, better “cross-selling”, better billing, stickier clients.

Elevating Partner Performance

Discover cutting-edge approaches to enhance partner engagement and effectiveness. Foster a culture of excellence that delivers your firm's strategic goals and collective achievements. See how these can work in your firm.

Navigating Global Opportunities

As the Indian legal market prepares to open its doors to international law firms, it has become critical for Indian Law Firms to consider their strategy and build the right relationships. Gain expert insights into forging successful international legal partnerships and leveraging your firm's strengths and position in the international environment.

What will you learn?

  • How to get your firm “Fit for the Future”. What law firms leadership should be focusing on and how to make change happen.

  • Innovative approaches to client relationships that will give your firm a clear advantage.

  • Effective leadership techniques to drive partner engagement and drive firm-wide performance.

  • Insights into the global legal market, focusing positioning your firm for the partnerships and relationships that are right for your firm.

  • Understanding the transition from founders-to-firm in terms of ownership, decision-making and profit-sharing.

  • You will come away with a list of ‘Things to Do’ that will transform your firm and your leadership skills.

Fireside Chat

Accompanying the Masterclass is a fireside chat with General Counsels/CXOs.

Our Masterclass concludes with a one-hour Fireside Chat with General Counsels/CXOs, providing an unmissable opportunity to interact directly with them. Delve into strategic insights, unveil best practices, and uncover the evolving needs of top-tier executives. Connect with these industry influencers, while also bridging the gap between law firm leadership and corporate legal decision-makers.

Workshop Approach

The Masterclass will be highly practical and interactive.

The Lexington faculty advises the leading law firms globally, including many of the most successful Indian law firms. This includes assessing both growth opportunities within the Indian legal market as well as internationally. In particular, they have developed specific models and methodologies helping law firm founders understand the transition from founders-to-firm, in terms of strategy, organisation, ownership and profit-sharing models.

Using specific examples, the faculty will be sharing global best practice and what this means in the Indian context. Participants will be able to develop clear and actional steps for achieving profitable growth and future-proofing their firms.

Who will benefit?

This masterclass is specifically designed for Law Firm Partners - Equity, Salaried, and Managing Partners - who aspire to lead their firms towards growth, innovation, and a significant global presence.

The Experts

Stephen Revell

Stephen Revell, with over four decades at Freshfields, including 33 years as a partner, has cultivated a distinguished career advising the world's premier independent law firms on growth strategies, practice development, and client relations.

His expertise extends to enhancing cross-border work through international alliances and global referral networks, particularly evident in his leadership of Freshfields' India focus and the global StrongerTogether program involving 400 law firms. Having lived across North America, Europe, and Asia, and managed transactions in over 50 countries, Stephen's global experience informs his advisory work.

A respected figure in the International Bar Association for over 30 years, he now co-chairs the Law Firm Management Committee and, alongside Moray, leads the IBA’s Leadership Academy at Kings College London, reflecting his deep engagement with law firm management and leadership development.

Moray McLaren

Moray McLaren, with a background in law and an MBA in legal services, has dedicated 30 years to advising top law firms globally on strategy, organization, and market entry. As a Professor at IE Law School and a member of the Moller Institute at the University of Cambridge, he extends his expertise to academia.

He has contributed as a guest speaker at prestigious institutions such as Harvard Law School and Kings College London and is a Fellow of the Harvard-affiliated Institute of Coaching. Focused on the evolving legal markets in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, Moray works predominantly with founder-led firms aiming for growth and professionalization. At the Lexington Academy, he creates learning programs for Partners from leading law firms like Freshfields and Latham & Watkins.

As a co-director of the IBA’s Leadership Academy and head of its Talent & Leadership Sub-Committee, he champions innovation in legal services and judges the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards.


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Exclusive 1-on-1 Sessions with the Experts

For those seeking a more personalized guidance, avail an exclusive 1-on-1 session with Steven Revell and Moray McLaren. This two-hour intensive consultation is designed to delve into your firm's specific challenges and opportunities, offering tailored strategies and actionable insights.

At a value of $3500 + taxes, this session is a unique opportunity to directly leverage the vast experience and global perspectives of our masterclass experts to catalyze your firm's growth and strategic positioning.

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