Enterprise Leaders Circle

Learning Together, Leading Together

The Enterprise Leaders Circle (the “ELC”) is a forum for General Counsels, heads of functions and innovation leaders from across the industry aimed at peer learning and engagement on future facing themes related to technology, innovation and changemaking.

Curated by Vahura and Agami, the ELC conducts sessions through the year to bring together industry leaders and experienced professionals to explore and learn about the latest in technology and innovation in the legal sector.

Our quarterly ELC sessions bring together General Counsels, heads of functions, and innovation leaders from across the industry to discuss future facing themes on law, legal operations and justice.

Additionally, we also host periodic ELC Roundtables that are curated and moderated by us at the request of an enterprise or a senior legal professional. These Roundtable Sessions are often exclusive, closed-door deliberations, and deal with topical, industry and sector-specific themes or with contemporary issues that afflict general counsels and senior legal professionals.

The ELC is a joint initiative by:

ELC Workshop Series: Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Legal Departments

Our Objectives

ELC Ritvik

ELC Themes

  • Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Legal Departments
  • Collaborative Intelligence as an Innovation Pathway
  • Unlocking the Power of Data in the Legal Department
  • Legal-Tech and Reg-Tech
  • Changemaking in the Enterprise: Stories and Strategies
  • Corporate and Civic Governance

Past ELC Sessions

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