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The Vahura Best Law Firms to Work (BLF) is the definitive guide to the best law firms to work for in India. 

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Why the BLF?

Over the past decade, law firms in India have grown exponentially in terms of revenue, size, and brand. Since then, law firms have focused on creating extraordinary pools of talent by offering competitive compensation and the opportunity to advise and counsel clients on market-leading and industry-defining matters.

At Vahura, our unique vantage point in advising professionals and firms, gives us an acute understanding of the challenges that law firm professionals face in the workplace. The Covid-19 pandemic has amplified some of these issues and given rise to new challenges. The BLF is an initiative to take stock of where we are, with the opportunity to shine a light on areas of development and change.

More than 1450 law firm professionals from law firms across the country participated in the survey this year, thereby allowing us to put together the definitive guide on the best law firms to work for in India.

About the 2022 Survey

The BLF is driven by the belief that the future of work in law firms can, and should be better.

With the 2022 edition of the BLF, our focus was to give law firm professionals a chance to be heard on the gaps in the system, the challenges they face, and their vision for the future of work.

As with the inaugural edition of the BLF in 2018, we surveyed such insights through a comprehensive and strictly confidential questionnaire that allows professionals to rate their firms with respect to six key indicators that define workplaces of choice. 

The 2022 survey also had a particular focus on how law firms across the country have chosen to prioritize the mental health of their professionals, particularly in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, in an effort to recognize the law firms that do this well. 

We believe that the results of the survey will give the legal community a composite view on how professionals across the country perceive their firms as a workplace of choice. 

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Ranking Factors

  • Culture

    Culture encompasses the character and personality of a firm. It is what makes the firm unique and is the product of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.

  • Prestige

    Prestige refers to the level of fulfillment and prestige a professional feels on account of being associated with a firm for the respect it commands in the industry, with clients and peers.

  • Satisfaction

    Satisfaction is attributed to the feeling of achievement that a professional experiences when they believe that they are working on something worthwhile. It signifies the extent to which a professional feels self-motivated, content and satisfied with the quality of their role in a firm and responsibilities for the clients that they work with.

  • Rewards

    Rewards and Recognition refer to a firm's ability to ensure distributional and procedural fairness in rewarding their lawyers for their time and efforts. This includes rewards that are monetary in nature, as well as recognition of their efforts and potential in ways that transcend monetary rewards.

  • Work-Life Balance

    Work-Life Balance refers to a firm's ability to understand a team member's commitments beyond their professional life. This involves ensuring the provision of policies that are focused on reasonable accommodations for the professional's personal commitments, while ensuring that the delivery of work is not impacted from a client perspective.

  • Firm Leadership

    Firm Leadership is looked upon as the ability of a law firm's leadership to develop and communicate a clear strategy and vision for the firm. This includes setting and achieving challenging goals; taking swift, inclusive and decisive actions; following through on promises, and inspiring team members to perform well.

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