Charalyn Gonsalves

Executive Assistant


As an executive assistant, Charalyn is the literal nerve center of the workplace, coordinating between internal and external stakeholders, managing information flow, guiding expectations, overseeing work status, and ensuring outcomes. She also works with the tech team in managing data confidentiality, access, and timely backup. 

Before joining Vahura, Charalyn worked with the British Council, India. As a marketing professional, she worked closely with the organization's partners as well as the internal teams. She brings with her valuable experience working within highly competitive markets and delivering exciting strategies and innovative concepts. 

Charalyn bakes and cooks in her free time. She is a restaurant hopper who loves to explore new cuisines. She also likes traveling, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures. She likes to spend her weekends with family and friends. 

She completed her Bachelor of Commerce from St. Andrew’s College, Mumbai.

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